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What's new!

Hi everyone,

We've been busy since our last update adding some new checks to our growing library as well as improving the way our service works. Here's the full list of what we've been up to!

New Checks:

Employment History and Referencing: We now support online Employment History and Referencing though the system including allowing you to customise your requirements including:

  • How many years employment history is required (education history can also be captured)

  • How many references are required

  • How many years need to be covered by those references

  • Whether character references are acceptable or not

We automate chasers for candidates and referees but the ECC Service Desk is still on hand if you need any help. The price for this check starts at just £10. Just login to be able to select this check for any of your roles.

DVLA Check: We've also added support for conducting DVLA checks. If you're employing someone who needs to drive to carry out their duties you need to check and validate their licences to potentially avoid legal and financial liability, even if they're a volunteer. Here's what you get with our simple online DVLA check:

  • The vehicles the applicant is licensed to drive

  • Their licence validity and any disqualifications

  • The expiry date of their licence

  • Any offences or penalty points they have

You can add this check to any applicant for just £8. Just login to be able to select this check for any of your roles.

New Features:

Automatic chasers: We've added an automatic chaser email to let you know when your DBS applicants haven't completed their submission.

Product Feedback: We've added a notification to request product feedback. Thanks for all the responses so far, and if you haven't yet provided us with your thoughts on how to improve the service please lookout for the pop up and tell us what you think!

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