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What's new in July!

Hi everyone,

We've been speaking to a few clients about ways to improve the system and we've got some big plans but, in the meantime, here's what's new!

New Checks:

Right to Work Audit will be going live today. Confirming someone's Right to Work is something you need to get right every time but verifying it, especially if you're working remotely, can be hard. That's why we've added our Right to Work Audit. It uses the candidate's smart phone camera to take a 'selfie' and then uses facial recognition to 'match' that face to their chosen ID (e.g. a passport or EU ID Card). Any ID documents the system flags as suspicious or fraudulent will send you a notification. Here's the benefits:

  • Our technology uses face detecting algorithms, powered by machine learning, which automatically recognises facial biometrics and runs in-depth analysis to verify ID photos.

  • Passports and EU ID Cards are validated as authentic or flagged to you as potentially fraudulent.

  • Candidates with authentic UK or EU Passports or ID Cards are fast-tracked through the audit.

  • Candidates required to provide more evidence of Right to Work are helped to identify relevant documents they can upload.

  • Our service is compatible with most mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

You can add this check to any applicant for just £7.50. Just login to be able to select this check for any of your roles.

We'll be adding more ID document types to the automated validation system as well as a standalone Identity check soon!

New Features:

Product Feedback: We've added a notification to request product feedback. Thanks for all the responses so far, and if you haven't yet provided us with your thoughts on how to improve the service please lookout for the pop up and tell us what you think!

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