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What's new in September!

Hi everyone,

We've taken on board some feedback from many of you around a couple of key areas of the service including:

  1. You wanted the site to be easier to navigate and for it to be clearer what you had to do at each step to set up checks.

  2. You told us that setting up many individual checks was time-consuming and that some of the checks were too expensive by themselves.

  3. You told us that it was sometimes hard to know what checks were actually required for each role.

To address your feedback we've been hard at work over the last couple of months and we're now ready to show you what we've got!

New Look:

An all new look and feel to the site should make it a lot easier for you to navigate and to set up checks. Once you've selected a bundle or some individual checks you'll now be guided through all the information you need to provide to set up the check step by step. Once you've added all the information required you'll be presented with a single summary page to confirm your selections.

Over the coming weeks we'll be working to improve the candidate user experience too but keep giving us your feedback and we'll keep working to make things easier and better for you and your candidates!


To help you know which checks you need we've developed bundles of checks relevant to roles. For example our Education bundle includes:

  • An Enhanced DBS Check

  • An Identity Check and a Right to Work Audit

  • A Fitness to Work Check

  • 10 Years of Work History & 2 References including academic references

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Check

If you buy all these checks in a bundle at £99 you'll get everything you need to get a teacher compliant with government guidelines and you'll save over 20% compared to buying the checks individually. In addition to Education we have a selection of bundles covering education, social care, healthcare and mobility as well as DBS specific and non-DBS role bundles. Every bundle gives you a minimum saving of 20% compared to buying the checks individually.

And that's not all. Our service has been running for six months now which is long enough for us to have gathered data on time savings too. On individual checks such as an Enhanced DBS check using our service is 10x quicker due to reduced time in chasing candidates for responses, tracking the status and generating an outcome you can store for audit purposes. Here's the time savings we've recorded across all the checks in the system compared to previous manual processes:

  • DBS - 30 minutes down to 3.

  • Referencing - 45 minutes down to less than 5.

  • Employment History - 35 minutes down to 0 (employment history is captured automatically as part of the Employment History and Referencing check).

  • QTS Check - 19 minutes down to 1.

  • Professional Registration - 19 minutes down to 2.

  • Right to Work Audit - 20 minutes down to less than 1.

  • Identity Check - 20 minutes down to less than 1.

  • Academic Referencing - 45 minutes down to less than 5.

  • DVLA Check - 24 minutes down to less than 1.

  • Fitness to Work - 50 minutes down to less than 2.

And of course, if you buy a bundle of checks you're getting all those time savings added up in addition to the cost savings so, for example, getting a teacher fully compliant now takes over 4hrs less than it used to!

If you'd like to see how the bundles work just log in to your account and you'll see a new welcome tour which will tell you how they work and how to select them.

New Checks:

Standalone Identity Check If you want to simply verify someone's Identity you can now use our facial recognition technology in a standalone ID check which will check the validity of any UK or international passport as well as an EU ID cards, UK or EU Driving Licences or Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs). Here's the benefits of using our standalone ID check:

  • Our technology uses face detecting algorithms, powered by machine learning, which automatically recognises facial biometrics and runs in-depth analysis to verify ID photos.

  • Passports, Driving Licences, EU ID Cards and BRPs are validated as authentic or flagged to you as potentially fraudulent.

  • Our service is compatible with most mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

You can add this check to any applicant for just £7.50. Just login to be able to select this check for any of your roles.

Fixes and Enhancements:

  • We've addressed an issue where candidates completing DBS checks via mobile weren't 'submitting' after providing the required information. The submit button is now much clearer.

  • We've added an email notification to notify the DBS check creator when the DBS result has been returned.

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